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Principal Testimonials


Jigsaw OOSH at Dural have been a tremendous asset to Dural Public School. They have worked very closely with the school to ensure that the children at OOSH are engaged and happy at all times. The programs they run are aimed at the interests of the children and they work in with what the school is doing. What a great partnership. Fantastic work Jigsaw

- M.Stone Principal  Dural

After receiving our exceeding rating for Assessment and Rating. 

I am actually not surprised at this feedback. Your professionalism, collaboration and responsiveness is always top quality and child centred. Celebrate your amazing work and the invaluable contribution you make to support our kids and their families. 

- L. Davis Principal  Lewisham

I work closely with Beaumont Hills Jigsaw OOSH educators to ensure the safety and well being of our students are of a high standard when students make their way from the classroom to Jigsaw OOSH after school. Jigsaw OOSH workers are exceptionally professional and passionate about their role, aim to ensure students are happy and engaged and have excellent communication skills. I would highly recommend this provider to parents as they go above and beyond for the children in their care, taking the time to get to know students and their individual needs. 

- B. Gregory Assistant Principal  Beaumont Hills