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Our Children 

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Children Testimonials

I like going to Jigsaw. I Like going to Jigsaw because all the teachers are Kind and caring. I have lots of hanging out with my friends doing the fun activities they set up. Jigsaw runs an amazing vacation care and I enjoy coming - Liv | Year 5

I like coming to OOSH because we do so much activities and we go places and do stuff and because everyone is nice. And also because i get to do jobs and help the teachers. 

- Kayde | Year 6

I like OOSH because it is fun and we go to awesome excursions and watch cool movies at the cinema and it has good lunches, good toys and nice teachers - David | Year 2

I like Jigsaw OOSH because i like going outside and playing with my friends. I like craft. The duplo is fun and so is skipping. My favourite cereal is the rice bubbles and berry loops. 

- Marlowe | Year 1

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