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Parent Testimonials



My daughter started at Jigsaw OOSH this year. She is quite an anxious child and I initially felt apprehensive about sending her five days a week to OOSH. These 'Mum concerns' were immediately diminished on day 1 when the staff at Jigsaw ensured Madison felt safe and comfortable in her new environment. They are always very quick to redirect her attention in the mornings with fun and engaging activities. The OOSH teachers set up activities that are age-appropriate, which initiate interest and communication amongst peers. Volcano experiments, jewellery making, dancing and painting are just some of the exciting activities that Madison has already participated in! It has also been a great opportunity for Madison to interact with older peers who she can connect with during school hours. I cannot speak highly enough of the nurturing approach the Jigsaw OOSH teachers adopt and this is reflected in all of the happy kids at the centre. OOSH teachers exhibit great energy with the children and are always willing to discuss any successes or challenges your child is experiencing. Overall, Jigsaw OOSH has played an imperative role in Madison's transition to Kindergarten this year and I am extremely grateful for the dedication and support that staff have demonstrated. If you are considering an OOSH option, I would absolutely recommend enrolling your child into Beaumont Hills PS Jigsaw OOSH. 

- S. Skeet  Beaumont Hills Parent

My daughter has been fortunate enough to have attended 5 days before and after school care at Jigsaw Anzac Park since she has been in Kindergarten in 2018. Being a single mum, this has been a lifesaver for me and were also very accommodating when I had my 2nd child. Thanks to Kirsty Barton and her management skills of all the staff, Jigsaw Anzac Park has been great with new activities for both before and after school care programs. Their vacation care program is also fantastic. My daughter loves doing all incursions and excursions. 

- K. Chan Anzac Park Parent 

"Thank you to Caitlin, Harry and all the Staff at Jigsaw VROOSH for such a positive and supportive environment for my two children who attend regularly. Staff always have a happy friendly face, sometimes that’s what we need when we are greeted in the morning whilst dropping little ones off. With the current global pandemic, I know that my children are safe at Vardy’s Road OOSH, as parents are not entering the centre and sanitising and cleaning is second to none. Children are supported each and every booking, and I have not had social problems since the change of management. Thank you to you all, what you do does not go unnoticed! Thank you!

- J. Miller Vardys Road Parent

"We have been part of the Jigsaw OOSH Lewisham family for nearly five years. The current team are the best we've had as they continue to assess and improve their services for the children. Families are kept up-to-date with changes to processes and policies and communication with the leadership team is open and friendly. I couldn't ask for a better centre!"

- D. Grah Lewisham Parent

After receiving our Exceeding Rating

Congratulations! That is great news. You all do such a wonderful job. Sylvie love, love loves everything about Jigsaw, quite frankly, it's the highlight of her school day!
Thank you! You deserve the recognition.


M. Morris - Lewisham Parent

"I've been impressed with Lewisham jigsaw - both their service and their activities have been excellent, and they're always quick to respond and help if we need extra days. My son absolutely loves it - It's the sign of a good Holiday Program when the parents wish they could swap places with the kids!"

- F. Taylor Lewisham Parent

Starting Kindergarten is overwhelming enough, let alone adding in before and after school care. Kate and the team bring a level or reassuring warmth, adaptability and energy but most importantly a genuine care for individual students and parents alike. Congratulations on providing a safe, nourishing and active environment.   

- B. Griffin Lewisham Parent

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