Our Nominated Supervisors

Denise Whelan

Nominated Supervisor

Beaumont Hills

Sarah Austin

Nominated Supervisor


Paige Wood

Nominated Supervisor

Caddies Creek

Kate Lienert
Nominated Supervisor


Rachel Foad

Nominated Supervisor 

Lisa Kewin

Nominated Supervisor 
Melrose Park

Brooke Holgate

Nominated Supervisor


Kristine Gonzaga

Nominated Supervisor 

Harry Moke

Nominated Supervisor 
Vardys Road

Jigsaw OOSH Staff Testimonials

To be employed with Jigsaw OOSH was and is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have been in the industry for 10 years and i have never worked for a more supportive local company. The support Jigsaw OOSH offers its staff is second to none. In my short 6 months with Jigsaw i have been supported to continue my learning through professional development opportunities and mentoring. Jigsaw OOSH allows all staff the opportunity to expand their career path through many different roles in the business. In all levels of the business it is evident in all decision making that the children and the families are always the main focus. I would highly recommend Jigsaw OOSH to anyone who wishes to extend their carer in Outside of School.

- Rebecca Tooney, Nominated Supervisor.